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Here we go again! After frigid temperatures and snow, Spring is around the corner. This means your skin is about to hop on a rollercoaster full of warm air, humidity and big pores. Your skin changes with the seasons (and your skincare should too!).

Contrary to what we see around the internet, a beautiful skin does not equal an empty bank account. Healthy and glowy skin can be accessible for EVERYONE.

So, here is how you should prepare for the sunny days that are coming ahead:

Step up your sunscreen game!

While makeup or moisturizers with SPF are good for fall or winter, in spring and summer it’s important to have a separate sunscreen from your lotion or makeup, that is SPF 50 at a minimum.


Dead skin cells are all around you and it’s time to kick them out with a gentle exfoliation that keeps your skin glowy and beautiful. This will help you have clean and healthy pores.

Lighter foundation

Using a tinted moisturizer can make your summer days better, since the heat can make you sweat this will prevent your pores getting clogged. Even better, find one without parabens and mineral oil. Bonus tip: Mix a little of your foundation with your daily moisturizer for a perfect match.

Drink spa water (no, you don’t have to visit an actual spa for this tip)

As it turns out, hydration is just as important for your skin in the spring as it is in the winter. Spa water is water infused with different herbs and veggies. For example, a lemon and mint infusion may aid digestion while cucumber spa water rehydrates along with delivering anti-inflammatory properties.

Hydrate your skin at nights

Use a facial moisturizer that hydrates and also revitalizes your skin. Our vegan formula will provide moisture, antioxidants, and skin barrier protection. Sleep soundly knowing all our products are non-toxic, cruelty-free, steroid-free and made for each skin type. Wake up with the best energy and luscious skin!


Exercise provides great benefits for your health and skin. Thanks to the blood flow that is produced during exercise, it works as a mini-facial since it helps toxins flush out.

Incorporating these habits as part of your daily routine will help you balance your skin as the seasons change. Understanding your skin is as important as understanding your entire body.

Share with us any skincare routine changes you make to transition your skin from Winter to Spring!

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