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With different skin care products lining up our stores and shops, how does one choose the right product that will enhance the skin’s elasticity and appearance?

The pursuit of beautiful skin has people going the extra length to try a new product whether it is natural or artificial. The skin is the largest surface organ of the body spanning a surface area of 18 square feet and weighing about 12 kilograms with the ability to produce natural oils to maintain healthy and fresh looking skin daily. As we battle with the elements and their causes, we need to take care of our skin through the right products.

Some factors that can affect the skin

  • Dieting: You are what you eat. If you feed on junk, your skin will reflect it and age more quickly. A well-balanced diet or plate should contain various colors and more vegetables with the necessary minerals and vitamin to help you attain youthful and beautiful skin.
  • Drink water: The importance of water and its effect can’t be overstated on the skin and the body. Water hydrates our cells; with the skin cells occupying the largest surface area, they absorb more water in the body than any other cell. Well-hydrated skin is plump, elastic, and shiny.
  • Reduce the Intake of alcohol, energy drinks, and medications: Certain medications like diuretics and laxatives or consuming an excess amount of alcohol can make the body lose moisture which reflects on the skin as dryness and flakiness.
  • Stress: Probably the biggest cause of damage to the skin is stress. When we are stressed, the body releases cortisol which affects our sleep patterns, cognitive abilities, moods, and general mood. The skin becomes more sensitive causing acne, pimples, and inflammation. By participating in leisure activities and relaxation exercises, the adverse effects of stress can be alleviated.
  • Cigarettes and Tobacco: These chemicals deposit free radicals in our system that damages the skin by narrowing the blood vessels which increases the carbon monoxide levels in the body and reducing oxygen levels. It also reduces the skin’s natural elastic ability causing excessive dryness and discoloration.


When you are able to reduce or improve upon the above, you will enjoy beautiful and youthful skin. However, to achieve beautiful, flawless, and glowing skin, you need to go beyond the reasons listed above. To truly enjoy the youthful looking skin, the right skin product is more than necessary, but what qualifies a skin product as the right one and what are the characteristics to look out for?

Five things that make a skin product the right one:

  • It is compatible with any skin type. This means that aside from other features like availability, affordability, and packaging, the ingredients should focus more on repairing or improving the skin quality and texture rather than changing the appearance. When you are out shopping, it is recommended to read through the ingredients and ask the necessary questions at the counter.
  • It provides a subtle layer on the skin that will help protect it against external elements such as UV rays. This protective layer will reduce dryness, patches, and pigmentation while retaining its youthfulness by increasing the elasticity and maintaining the surface temperature of the skin.
  • It is easily absorbed by the skin and activates quickly and remains active for a long time. One of the biggest problems most people suffer from is discoloration and patches on their skin. These patches occur on more sensitive areas of the body like the face while some areas remain dark due to ineffective penetration or potency of the ingredients that make up the product. Having the right products means the products absorb easily and swiftly into the skin, working immediately to balance the coloration of the skin over a long period. Using a skin product over a period of time gives room for the skin to acclimatize to the product making your skin better with time.
  • It provides both firmness and flexibility. The best skin products will reduce bodily scars and damages to reveal a fresher and clearer surface that glows from the increased firmness and flexibility that the product provides. Furthermore, the product should act as a moisturizer to keep the skin supple, reducing the signs of aging by lessening the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes.
  • It is free of artificial ingredients that rob the skin of the natural nutrients instead of enhancing it. When skin products are natural and non-toxic, it makes the skin healthier and clearer.


Where does one find a skin product with all these qualities?

One brand is breaking the barriers in skin care technology by blending naturally occurring plant-based ingredients and minerals to make skin products that work for all skin types in any weather. The Psodex cosmetic brand helps us achieve the skin we dream off. With that said, the solution to youthful skin is a beauty routine you follow diligently to ensure that your skin is well protected against the elements. Psodex is the brand for youthful, flawless, and clearer skin any time. Furthermore, our products are built for a lasting impact on the skin to reverse the signs of aging and increase skin firmness and elasticity with the proper nutrients for any skin type.

With Psodex, radiant skin is just around the corner.

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