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As within, without. Ever heard this phrase before? This is true on more levels than one, especially when it comes to having beautiful, healthy skin. Below we’ll take a more holistic approach to beauty and take a look at the top five daily choices that can help us keep our skin looking radiant and fabulous!

  1. Rainbow plate + water intake – It’s no secret that what you eat impacts your skin. What does your plate look like? One of the best diets for your skin is one that has vegetables and fruits of different colors in every meal. This, along with a high intake of greens in morning juices or smoothies, ensure you are getting a wide variety of essential vitamins and nutrients. On top of this, fatty fish (or foods high in omega 3), avocados (healthy fats), nuts (specially walnuts, sunflower seeds), broccoli (high in vitamin C), and antioxidant drinks like green tea make the top of the list of food choices for healthy skin. You can also compliment with specific vitamins and supplements for beautiful skin such as: collagen, omega 3, vitamin C, D, E, and probiotics! Another key to making sure all the organs in your body are functioning at its optimal state is staying hydrated throughout the day. But how much water you should be drinking depends on the individual – health conditions, climate and activity will shift this number. A good rule to go by to ensure your body is getting enough H2O is drinking 6 to 8 cups, which is around 2 litres a day.
  2. Move enough to sweat – to get that natural glowing skin, it’s important to engage in an exercise routine that is vigorous enough to make you sweat. Physical activity in and of itself will help to maintain your skin healthy by firing up the production of “healthy cells” aka cellular mitochondria that protect your skin from thinning and aging. But sweat clears out your pores getting rid faster of dead cells and gunk. Sweat also acts like a natural antibiotic protecting you from harmful germs and increases blood flow to our skin making it look more youthful and plumper. For a short-cut, you can also mix up your routine with infrared sauna sessions to get the same effects!
  3. Don’t skip makeup removal! Even if you don’t wear any at all, it’s important to cleanse your face every night with a gentle, natural solution to keep impurities and build-up from occurring. A good routine to get into the habit of, is exfoliating your face on a weekly basis to remove even further the dead cells that have accumulated. Look for products with natural exfoliants like those found in papaya and pineapple enzymes. Exfoliating also prepares the skin to absorb better any treatments and moisturizers you put on, making them even more effective.
  4. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize- At Psodex, we are all about giving your body the moisture it needs. Using a good daily moisturizing cream is a must to make your skin soft and radiant. Our 100% botanical formula will not only heal your skin and give it the nourishment it needs, but it will also act as a barrier to protect it from surrounding pollutants and other environmental factors. To choose the best moisturizer for you, be sure to keep your skin type in mind.
  5. Restful sleep- and lastly, at the end of the day, a good night’s sleep goes a long way in helping our skin look it’s best. A few hours of zzzz’s can often leave our skin looking dull and tired so optimize your night routine to properly wind-down and relieve stress. Try a hot bath, listen to a guided-meditations, drink a cup of warm tea, read your favourite book, or stay away from electronics one hour prior to bed to relax into a restful sleep. Something else to keep in mind is changing your night covers often to keep dirt and germs at bay!

Healthy skin is a reflection of your daily choices. Implement these easy and natural methods to see your most beautiful skin yet!

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