Why Psodex


Welcome to Psodex, we are so glad you’ve found us! We work with the most innovative and potent ingredients Mother Nature has to offer to make sure you a obtain a healthy, glowy and effortlessly smooth skin. If you don’t know much about our products, or are fairly new to our site, we’ll explain below 10 reasons that make our facial moisturizer unique:

1. The power of nature
Psodex was born from the belief in the powerful healing properties of nature. The unique healing properties in each one of our bottles comes from using only natural elements known to repair the skin. With pure ingredients and zero chemical compositions, the possibilities of experiencing side effects are minimum, making it gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin types.

2. Your skin is left hydrated
It’s like giving your skin a tall glass of water! Ample moisture within the skin works many wonders in overcoming imperfections and improving signs of damage. Our moisturizer care cream (link to buy) penetrates the deepest layers of your skin for prolonged effects. If used regularly, it strengthens the moisture barrier which in turn acts as a buffer for added protection.

3. Crafted with love
The story behind the creation of Psodex is one filled with love and the desire of a family to save a woman from an incurable skin infection. In desperation, they stumbled upon a natural remedy that finally cure her ailment and began a life-long journey to provide this gift from nature to others. Each product is still made with this story in mind.

4. It radiates the beauty within
The combination of ingredients inPsodex’s skin treatment brings out maximum glow and radiance. It diminishes flaws, wrinkles, and imperfections – healing the skin from within, and manifesting your natural beauty.

5. It strengthens your skin’s natural protective barriers
Your skin has a very important job – it protects your body from external elements. Psodex ensures that your skin’s natural protective barriers are kept in top shape. On top of that, the use of this product serves to promote your skin’s natural abilities to defend itself against viruses and bacteria.

6. It is easily absorbed into the skin
Psodex unique formula for each skin type makes it easily absorbable for everyone.Its formula is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, anti-inflammatory and non-comedogenic making it a safe choice for your skin.

7. Say goodbye to clogged pores!
Psodex is non-comedogenic. Our skin treatment restores the moisture and gives you the beauty benefits of nature without closing up your pores so you won’t experience the unwanted side-effects of breakouts or acne.

8. Its tolerance level is top-notch
This product is great for women with sensitive skin or extreme skin intolerances. Psodex natural ingredients effectively soothe skin to bring about healing and relief to even the most delicate skin.

9. Results don’t wear off
The restorative effects of Psodex are not temporary. It helps to wear off skin infections, rejuvenates skin cells and heals the skin at the deepest layers. With these advantages, you will notice the results of healthy, beautiful skin are continuous with prolonged use.

10. Traditionally tested & suitable for all skin types
Psodex is dermatologically tested to ensure that you get the beautiful skin you desire. Our 100% herbal content is designed to heal your skin from within and is perfectly safe for all skin types.

We hope these reasons help to answer some of the questions you might have of what sets us apart and what makes our products truly unique!

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