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PSODEX Eczema Treatment Kit giveaway

PSODEX Eczema Treatment Kit giveaway

Welcome to the PSODEX Eczema Treatment Kit giveaway! If you suffer from eczema and are looking for a solution, this is your chance to get a Psodex Eczema Treatment Kit for free. Here’s how to participate:


  1. Purchase PSODEX Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream from our website, psodexusa.com, or from Amazon.com or Walmart.com.
  2. Try the product and take clear and understandable before-and-after photos (minimum 2 photos; one before and one after), preferably with the same angle and background.
  3. Send your photos and screenshot of your product review (please write your product review to where you bought the product) to info@psodexusa.com.
  4. We will send you a free PSODEX Eczema Treatment Kit, including our Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream and Dry & Rough Skin Moisturizing Cream.
  5. Please note that the offer is only available to those living in the USA. Those living outside the USA will be charged for the shipping fees.


Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get a Psodex Eczema Treatment Kit for free. Send us your photos and product review today, and we will send you a complimentary PSODEX Eczema Treatment Kit.


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