Do these 5 daily steps to keep your skin looking its best

As within, without. Ever heard this phrase before? This is true on more levels than one, especially when it comes to having beautiful, healthy skin. Below we’ll take a more holistic approach to beauty and take a look at the top five daily choices that can help us keep our skin looking radiant and fabulous!  

  1. Rainbow plate + water intake - It’s no secret that what you eat impacts your skin. What does your plate look like? One of the best diets for your skin is one that has vegetables and fruits of different colors in every meal. This, along with a high intake of greens in morning juices or smoothies, ensure you are getting a wide variety of essential vitamins and nutrients. On top of this, fatty fish (or foods high in omega 3), avocados (healthy fats), nuts (specially walnuts, sunflower seeds), broccoli (high in vitamin C), and antioxidant drinks like green tea make the top of the list of food choices for healthy skin. You can also compliment with specific vitamins and supplements for beautiful skin such as: collagen, omega 3, vitamin C, D, E, and probiotics! Another key to making sure all the organs in your body are functioning at its optimal state is staying hydrated throughout the day. But how much water you should be drinking depends on the individual - health conditions, climate and activity will shift this number. A good rule to go by to ensure your body is getting enough H2O is drinking 6 to 8 cups, which is around 2 litres a day. 

  1. Move enough to sweat - to get that natural glowing skin, it’s important to engage in an exercise routine that is vigorous enough to make you sweat. Physical activity in and of itself will help to maintain your skin healthy by firing up the production of “healthy cells” aka cellular mitochondria that protect your skin from thinning and aging. But sweat clears out your pores getting rid faster of dead cells and gunk. Sweat also acts like a natural antibiotic protecting you from harmful germs and increases blood flow to our skin making it look more youthful and plumper. For a short-cut, you can also mix up your routine with infrared sauna sessions to get the same effects!

  2. Don’t skip makeup removal! Even if you don’t wear any at all, it’s important to cleanse your face every night with a gentle, natural solution to keep impurities and build-up from occurring. A good routine to get into the habit of, is exfoliating your face on a weekly basis to remove even further the dead cells that have accumulated. Look for products with natural exfoliants like those found in papaya and pineapple enzymes. Exfoliating also prepares the skin to absorb better any treatments and moisturizers you put on, making them even more effective.

  3. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize- At Psodex, we are all about giving your body the moisture it needs. Using a good daily moisturizing cream is a must to make your skin soft and radiant. Our 100% botanical formula will not only heal your skin and give it the nourishment it needs, but it will also act as a barrier to protect it from surrounding pollutants and other environmental factors. To choose the best moisturizer for you, be sure to keep your skin type in mind.

  4. Restful sleep- and lastly, at the end of the day, a good night’s sleep goes a long way in helping our skin look it’s best. A few hours of zzzz’s can often leave our skin looking dull and tired so optimize your night routine to properly wind-down and relieve stress. Try a hot bath, listen to a guided-meditations, drink a cup of warm tea, read your favourite book, or stay away from electronics one hour prior to bed to relax into a restful sleep. Something else to keep in mind is changing your night covers often to keep dirt and germs at bay!

Healthy skin is a reflection of your daily choices. Implement these easy and natural methods to see your most beautiful skin yet!

Camilla Lopez
Essential features of a good moisturizer!

If you are wondering what makes a good skin care cream, here are some key features to look out for:

  1. Adaptability:a basic feature of a good skin care cream is its adaptability. A good moisturizer should be compatible with any skin type. Aside from other features like availability, affordability, and packaging, the ingredients should focus on truly repairing or improving the skin quality and texture regardless of what your current skin condition is.

  2. Protection: pollution, UV rays, dirt, wind, heat are just some of the elements we are constantly being exposed to. A good skin cream must provide a subtle layer on the skin that will help protect it against external factors. Itshould possess antibacterials, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatories which are active ingredients capable of protecting your skin. Look for natural moisturizing agents that multitask to heal and protect your skin at the same time.

  3. Maximum absorption:your skin care cream should be more than just a moisturizer. It should also have deep penetration powers, capable of sinking deep into the layers of your skin to heal and renew it from within. The absorption should be consistent throughout the skin and it shouldn’t clog the pores or leave it feeling heavy and greasy. Look for natural hydration properties which unlike chemical ingredients, are safe to be absorbed onto your skin a daily basis.

  4. Non-toxic and free of artificial ingredients:your skin is basically a sponge that absorbs quickly whatever you put on it. Once chemicals enter your skin, it quickly travels to other organs disrupting the function of entire systems in your body. Toxic compounds and chemicals shouldn’t be part of your skin care products. A good skin care cream should be made only with safe, natural ingredients that don’t cause long-term harm to your body. 

  5. Respects your skin’s PH-balance: to maintain the balance of the skin it’s important to use creams with gentle, natural components that will maintain a neutral ph-balance of the skin. Highly acidic components can change the ph-level of your skin causing adverse effects such as dry patches, redness, acne and excessive oil production. 

With Psodex, radiant skin is just around the corner.

If you are tired of looking around for one cream that includes all of the above, Psodex can help you achieve the skin you dream off.  Our brand is breaking the barriers in skin care technology by blending naturally occurring plant-based ingredients and minerals to make skin products that work for all skin types.

Our products are made with 100% natural ingredients making it non-toxic, non-irritating and safe for everyday use. Its powerful botanicals go deep into the skin to offer noticeable and lasting healing benefits while respecting the skin’s natural ph-balance. 

Our cream is packed with antioxidants, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that not only lock in moisture but act as a protective barrier against environmental factors. It’s nutrient-dense formula also helps to reverse the signs of aging while increasing skin firmness and elasticity leaving the skin soft, smooth, moisturized and looking radiant. 

More than a moisturizer - it’s healing, restoration, protection and hydration in a bottle. We think this is one of the best skin-care creams around so what are you waiting for, give it a try! 

Camilla Lopez
10 facts you need to know about OUR PLANT-BASED MOISTURIZER

Welcome to Psodex, we are so glad you’ve found us! We work with the most innovative and potent ingredients Mother Nature has to offer to make sure you a obtain a healthy, glowy and effortlessly smooth skin. If you don’t know much about our products, or are fairly new to our site, we’ll explain below 10 reasons that make our facial moisturizer unique:

1. The power of nature
Psodex was born from the belief in the powerful healing properties of nature. The unique healing properties in each one of our bottles comes from using only natural elements known to repair the skin. With pure ingredients and zero chemical compositions, the possibilities of experiencing side effects are minimum, making it gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin types. 

2. Your skin is left hydrated
It’s like giving your skin a tall glass of water! Ample moisture within the skin works many wonders in overcoming imperfections and improving signs of damage. Our moisturizer care cream (link to buy) penetrates the deepest layers of your skin for prolonged effects. If used regularly, it strengthens the moisture barrier which in turn acts as a buffer for added protection.

3. Crafted with love
The story  behind the creation of Psodex is one filled with love and the desire of a family to save a woman from an incurable skin infection. In desperation, they stumbled upon a natural remedy that finally cure her ailment and began a life-long journey to provide this gift from nature to others. Each product is still made with this story in mind. 

4. It radiates the beauty within 
The combination of ingredients inPsodex’s skin treatment brings out maximum glow and radiance. It diminishes flaws, wrinkles, and imperfections - healing the skin from within, and manifesting your natural beauty.

5. It strengthens your skin’s natural protective barriers
Your skin has a very important job – it protects your body from external elements. Psodex ensures that your skin’s natural protective barriers are kept in top shape. On top of that, the use of this product serves to promote your skin’s natural abilities to defend itself against viruses and bacteria.

6. It is easily absorbed into the skin
Psodex unique formula for each skin type makes it easily absorbable for everyone.Its formula is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, anti-inflammatory and non-comedogenic making it a safe choice for your skin. 

7. Say goodbye to clogged pores!
Psodex is non-comedogenic. Our skin treatment restores the moisture and gives you the beauty benefits of nature without closing up your pores so you won’t experience the unwanted side-effects of breakouts or acne. 

8. Its tolerance level is top-notch
This product is great for women with sensitive skin or extreme skin intolerances. Psodex natural ingredients effectively soothe skin to bring about healing and relief to even the most delicate skin. 

9. Results don’t wear off
The restorative effects of Psodex are not temporary. It helps to wear off skin infections, rejuvenates skin cells and heals the skin at the deepest layers. With these advantages, you will notice the results of healthy, beautiful skin are continuous with prolonged use. 

10. Traditionally tested & suitable for all skin types
Psodex is dermatologically tested to ensure that you get the beautiful skin you desire. Our 100% herbal content is designed to heal your skin from within and is perfectly safe for all skin types. 

We hope these reasons help to answer some of the questions you might have of what sets us apart and what makes our products truly unique!