How Does Psodex Treat Psoriasis?

Psodex focuses on topical treatments that will improve the quality of life of people with skin diseases and conditions. In complex diseases such as psoriasis, it is not possible to completely eliminate the disease, so we aim to eliminate the symptoms caused by the disease. Although there are many topical treatment applications for psoriasis patients, the severity of the disease and the treatment methods that offer short-term repair turn into a tiring cycle for people with psoriasis. Psodex offers a holistic topical treatment that you can use for a lifetime, does not leave any physical damage, understands the sensitivity of psoriasis and facilitates the periods when the disease is exacerbated.
Psodex uses 100% Natural and plant-based ingredients to eliminate symptoms such as pain, inflammation, itching, and scarred skin that come with Psoriasis. It does not contain gluten and GMO ingredients that cause psoriasis exacerbation. It also shows its respect for patients toward animals and produces Vegan ingredients. Our ingredients do not cause irritation and inflammation. The Psoriasis Treatment Plan must be used consistently for 12 weeks for the treatment plan to be effective.
Psodex goes step-by-step in repairing Psoriasis. When you have psoriasis, the genes that control your immune system’s signals are involved. Instead of protecting your body from invaders, it promotes inflammation and overworks skin cells.

  1. The first step is  suppress the T Cell attacks that cause the cell to multiply rapidly. Psodex provides this process with NAPI formulated in its laboratories.
  2. The second step is preventing inflammation. The body’s defense cells attack the area (scarred) to heal the psoriasis scars, thereby causing inflammation (itching, fever). When the inflammation disappears, the sensitive skin surface calms down and gives the patient a better quality time during the treatment process. Psodex provides this function with Coal Tar used in very precise amounts.
  3. The third step is to ensure that the old-mature cells that need to be shed are peeling. The cell regeneration process, which is completed in 28-day periods in healthy skin tissue, is completed in a few days in Psoriasis Patients. Since the upper skin layer, which should be shed in the normal process, cannot be shed in this process, Psoriasis Scars occur. The peeling process applied to the skin surface ensures that the cells that cannot be separated from the skin are shed. Salicylic acid in the Psodex Psoriasis Treatment Kit is beneficial at this stage.
  4. The fourth step is to ensure the formation of new and healthy cells. The skin is the front line of defense against insult and injury and contains many epidermal and immune elements that make up the skin-associated lymphoid tissue. Keratinocytes are the primary cells found in the outermost layer of the skin, namely the epidermis, and differentiate by stacking. When these cells regain adequate health, they continue their barrier function and shorten the process of skin regaining its own structure. Allantoin in our ingredient is a known keratolytic, meaning it can increase the water content of cells. It also promotes natural shedding in the outer layers of the skin. Although it has a steroid-like effect, it is a completely natural ingredient. Psodex produces this ingredient from the Comfrey Root.
  5. The fifth step is to bring the skin to the state it should be. Licorice Root in our ingredient works as an immune modulator. It regulates the proliferation rate of immune cells at the cellular level. Active substances called β-glycyrrhiza and glycyrrhizin contained in Glycyrrhiza glabra strengthen the immune system by increasing antioxidant enzyme activity and stimulating immune cells. In this way, the cells stop sending the “there is a problem here” signal.
  6. The last step is to ensure that the skin has the amount of moisture it needs and to protect the skin from external factors. With ingredients such as Psodex, Aloe Vera, Zinc Oxide, Vegetable Glycerin, and Mentha Piperita Leaf Extract, it strengthens the defense biology of the skin and increases its elasticity. At this stage, the Psodex Psoriasis Treatment Kit helps your skin become strong enough to maintain its own health.

This whole healing process will take place step by step. Give your skin time to repair itself and ingredients that will help to strengthen. Psoriasis is a complex disease and is affected by many external and internal factors. Psoriasis is not just a skin condition and can affect people physically and psychologically as well.
There is no adequate topical treatment. A holistic approach is required in the treatment of psoriasis. It is necessary to regulate the diet, avoid triggers, and keep psychology under control. Psoriasis patients need to regulate their lifestyles in a way that will not tire their immune systems and control their psychology against stress and social anxiety. The correct implementation of the treatment plan and the smiling face of psoriasis makes it easier for the treatment to be effective. 

7 Factors That Affect Psodex Treatment

These 7 factors listed below are the factors that affect the duration of your psoriasis treatment and the speed of recovery.

  1. Severity of Inflammation
    In psoriasis cycles with severe inflammation, the time for the skin to recover may be prolonged.
  2. Starting Treatment
    Starting psoriasis treatment as soon as the psoriasis cycle begins will prevent the aggravation and proliferation of psoriasis symptoms and will shorten the treatment time.
  3. Thickness and Size of Psoriasis Scales/Patches
    The thickness and width of the psoriasis scales formed in the elbow and knee region affect the treatment time with thicker and wider scales delaying recovery
  4. Location of the Scales and Patches
    Psoriasis patches/scales that are far from the body area are one of the factors that determine the treatment time.
  5. Spread of Psoriasis Patches
    Patches that spread over the whole body and/or completely cover a part of the body may prolong the treatment period.
  6. Psychological Stress
    Stress, anxiety, and depression are one of the most important factors affecting psoriasis treatment and treatment duration.
  7. Psoriasis Triggers
    Triggers (gluten, smoking, infection, drugs, mechanical stress…) that the psoriasis patient is exposed to can prolong or reverse the treatment period and results. 

Targeted Outcomes with the Treatment

When the daily routines shown in the Psodex Psoriasis Treatment Kits are followed, the treatment process of psoriasis will be as follows.

First 4 Weeks: Reduced Scaling and Flaking

  • Psoriasis scaling and flaking will visibly decrease in the first weeks of treatment.
  • The inflammation under the scales will begin to fade.
  • Although the appearance of pink or red skin with the gradual shedding of the scaly skin at this stage may frighten patients, it is actually a sign of a positive response to treatment.

from 4 to the 12 Weeks: Reduced Plaque Thickness and Redness

  • The increased skin thickness flattens after the 4th week.
  • The lesioned areas and normal skin area thicknesses become almost the same.
  • The itching is gone.

After 12 Weeks: Greater Clearing and Reduced Redness/Pigmentation

  • During month 4 the skin continues to improve significantly and begins to look similar to the surrounding skin with less scaling. The raised skin becomes level with the surrounding area. 
  • The skin regains its normal pigmentation over time.
  • The pigmentation of darker skin can take longer to lighten, and it may take several months to achieve significant lightening.

*Individual results may vary. The skin structure, the severity of the psoriasis, the triggers that the psoriasis patient is exposed to and the health condition affect the result of the cream and treatment. Psodexusa does not accept responsibility for patients not getting the expected result.

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