Nurturing Skin Care Post-Hair Removal

Psodex After Epilation Cream

Experience the ultimate care after hair removal procedures with Psodex After Epilation Cream. Specially designed to address post-epilation concerns, this cream delivers a potent blend of natural ingredients and advanced technology, providing relief from irritation, correcting dark spots, and supporting healthy, rejuvenated skin. Ideal for use after shaving, waxing, laser hair removal, or epilation, this gender-neutral cream offers a strong moisturizing effect and is tailored to nourish all skin types.


Relieves Skin Irritation

Soothes and calms irritated skin post-hair removal, minimizing discomfort and redness, allowing for a serene skin experience.

Dark Spot Correction

Works to correct and diminish dark spots that may occur after hair removal procedures, fostering an even skin tone.

Hair Growth Delay

Slows down hair regrowth over time, extending the duration between hair removal sessions for a smoother, long-lasting result.

Skin Regeneration

Promotes the regeneration of healthy skin cells, aiding in the restoration of skin damaged by hair removal processes.

Pain Relief & Redness Reduction

Alleviates pain and reduces redness commonly caused by various hair removal methods like epilation or shaving, ensuring a more comfortable experience.