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Psodex Psoriasis Treatment Kit with Anti Redness controls, reduces, and helps stop psoriasis symptoms quickly and safely. Standard Therapy provides balanced and regenerative psoriasis treatment. Intensive Therapy controls flare-ups. Moisturizing Cream ensures that the treatment process is fast and effective. Anti-Redness Skin Care cream reduces the scare and trace of psoriasis.

HEALTHY SKIN, HAPPY LIFE – Psodex Psoriasis Treatment Kit not only reduces the effects of psoriasis but also restores your skin’s health. It reduces and controls the effects of psoriasis in the long term to improve both your health and your quality of life.

INSPIRED by NATURE, FORMULATED by SCIENTISTS – Psodex Psoriasis Treatment Kit with Anti Redness was developed by scientists with hand-picked, all-natural ingredients. Our formula has the active ingredient coal tar, complete with aloe vera, witch hazel, olive oil, tea tree oil, salicylic acid, and other natural extracts such as shea butter or turmeric.

QUICK and LASTING RELIEF – Psodex Psoriasis Treatment Kits with Anti Rednessspecial formula quickly controls and reduces flare-ups while providing long-lasting relief. It reduces skin sensitivity, removes dead skin cells, improves skin hydration, and slows skin cell overgrowth. Our formula provides a soothing effect and can help relieve discomfort, itching, or flakiness.

BEYOND YOUR EXPECTATIONS – Consisting of three different topical creams, Psodex Psoriasis Treatment Kit with Anti Redness provides the basic care your skin needs throughout the day, while eliminating the negative effects of psoriasis naturally and effectively. Psodex Psoriasis Treatment Kit with Anti Redness will exceed your expectations with instant relief and visible results.

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