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Over four decades ago, a young woman named Yasemin woke up one morning with an itch on her arm. At first, she didn’t think much of it. However, that evening, she saw that the itchy spot on her arm had become red and irritated! Her skin began to flake, sting, and become redder and redder. Eventually, it became so irritated, cracked, and painful, that Yasemin started to become alarmed! It started to develop abscesses and other frightening symptoms.

However, no matter how many doctors and hospitals she visited, pills she took, and creams she applied, the rash just got worse, eventually forcing Yasemin to stop all but the most basic physical activities. After months of trying and failing to find a cure, Yasemin’s sister-in-law suggested that Yasemin travel to a remote mountain village in Asia where there was rumored to be a healer with a natural remedy that would cure her skin ailment.

Yasemin was desperate enough to try anything, so, with her husband, Sait, and her six-month-old, Yesim, she traveled to the mountain village. When she finally found the village, Yasemin was introduced to the healer, a scowling and short-tempered man.

After one look, the healer went to his collection of herbs and plants and chose some thick leaves and purple flowers from his collection. He boiled the plant in hot water until it turned into a thick liquid. He poured the liquid into a bottle and gave it to Yasemin, telling her to go back to her home and apply the medicine on her wound every night.

Incredulous, but willing to try anything, Yasemin and her family went back to their home. After just a few days of using the medicine, Yasemin started to notice that her wound seemed slightly-less enflamed. By the time the bottle was about empty, Yasemin’s wound was much smaller and less painful. Her family couldn’t believe that she had finally found a treatment!

So, every time the medicine bottle got close to being empty, Yasemin visited the healer and got a new bottle. Yasemin started to incorporate more of her normal life activities into her daily routine again as her pain was reduced.

A couple months later, Yasemin’s horrible rash was almost gone when she received the shocking news that the village healer has passed away! Yasemin needed the healer’s treatment to finish curing her rash so she and her husband began a search in mountains around the village for the mysterious plant. Once they finally found it, they boiled it on their stove to replicate the medicine and Yasemin was able to finish her treatment, her arm completely healed!

In the meantime, the couple’s baby, Yesim, grew up and became a successful doctor, inspired to specialize in histology, the study of medicinal plant tissues, because of her mother’s cure. With a group of colleagues, Yesim studied the plant that saved her mother, and the hundreds of other people her parents shared it with, from that awful skin disorder.

Yesim and her colleagues used various scientific processes to discovered that the plant has one unique molecule with skin regeneration properties. After a series of scientific tests, that molecule, called Molecule X, was dermatologically-tested and proven to be effective in eliminating many types of skin disease!

Dr. Yesim passed away due to a heart attack in 2016, but her tireless work to provide natural skin care products and medicines lives on through our company.

PSODEX continues Yesim’s work of using nature and science to create effective medicinal and cosmetic skin care products to our customers.

Yesim’s personal philosophy continues to be our company standard: “I believe that the greatest happiness in life is to use nature’s own healing properties to help those in need.”