our roots

Our moisturizing care creams’ formulations were inspired by an ancient natural remedy for skin affections in an old Asian village. The story behind our products goes way back to our own founder’s childhood and how she witnessed her mother suffer from a rare skin condition that seemed to have no cure. Desperate to put an end to her suffering, Yesim and her parents traveled from Turkey to the Asian mountains to meet a healer and try his natural ointment, famous for healing even the most complicated skin conditions. This ointment was done by boiling down a native plant in water until it was reduced to a thick consistency. The result? Her mother’s skin was completely healed! All with the power of natural ingredients.

Yesim and her family kept going back to the healer when her mother was running out of ointment. When the healer passed away, they dedicated their time to find the plants that were used as ingredients of this miraculous ointment to produce it themselves. They started sharing the remedy with anyone who they knew needed it.

Later on, Yesim became a scientist and dedicated her career to perfect this formulation and make it available (and affordable!) for everyone who is in need of it. She adapted the original ointment formulation to a moisturizer that offers the same great benefits on a daily basis. Psodex has become one of the most recognized skincare brands in Turkey. We now want to share it with the entire world. We believe in the power of natural ingredients. We believe in a cleaner, uncomplicated skincare routine by ditching long, unnecessary ingredient lists.